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About E2 Human

The Energy Efficient Human project is based around a new approach to human health, wellbeing and performance that uses energy efficiency as the guiding principle. It is the result of a deep scientific study and countless hours of experimentation, using simple yet powerful ‘instant feedback’ methods to reliably test the quality of posture and movement...

Our Mission

To catalyse the discovery and application of natural biomechanical principles to transform human capability for self-healing and high performance.

Strategic Objectives

1. Theory

Discover the principles & mechanisms of natural motion for optimal efficacy of physiological function.

2. Methods

Deliver effective methods for training optimal body use that harness nature's efficiency for wellbeing & performance.

3. Technology

Create technology to enhance methods by improving safety, monitoring, self-reliance & fast-tracking progress.


The E2 Human Project serves as a vehicle to research, catalyse and demonstrate the effective application of natural principles across the spectrum of mind-body training for health, wellbeing, fitness and high performance. There are three main work programmes covering wellbeing, performance and professional research and practitioner development...


​Warning: Please do not attempt to replicate the demonstrations shown on this page!

To conduct them safely and successfully requires a high degree of training and skill.